Reggio: threatens his wife with a knife and breaks his father-in-law’s nose with headbutts


By John

A 34 year old from Reggio Calabria, with a police record, responsible for the crimes of aggravated domestic abuse and aggravated personal injury committed against his partner and her father. The State Police Agents of the General Prevention and Public Relief Office have it arrested red-handed.

The Flying Police personnel, after receiving a report via line 113, reached the home of the victim who was in the company of his parent. The 31-year-old woman reported to the officers that, while she was at home, she had been threatened with a large kitchen knife, in the presence of one of her four minor children, by her 34-year-old partner from Reggio Calabria, who also took away his mobile phone.
The woman then, taking advantage of the man’s absence, left her home with her four children to go to her aunt in a nearby house and there she was joined in the street by her father.
While father and daughter were together, the woman’s partner arrived in a car and attempted to hit her with a stick, but the father’s intervention did not allow him to do so and, on that occasion, the man hit his partner’s father three times with headbutts, causing him to fall to the ground.

Following what the woman declared, the Flying Police personnel began looking for the man and tracked him down to his home where, following a search, they found the stick and knife used shortly before, as well as 24 rifle cartridges of various calibers.

Both victims formally reported what happened and the woman’s father was transported to the local hospital and treated for a fractured nasal septum, with a prognosis of about a month.

The man was arrested for family mistreatment, committed in the presence of minors and aggravated personal injury and, the judicial authority which validated his arrest, ordered his transfer to the Arghillà prison.