In Lamezia Pegna “crutch” of Mascaro. And Galatians tries to… “lay down the law”


By John

Hunting for votes to fire the DUP and then approve the budget, sine qua condition not to prevent the Mascaro administration from ending its mandate prematurely. Double step from which the majority and the municipal government cannot emerge as losers: if this were to happen the body would be placed under commissionership again and the people of Lamezia could vote for the new mayor and the new city assembly in the spring of 2025. The new convocation is already expected in the next few days to approve the Dup (Single Programming Document) 2023/25 which did not pass in last Friday’s council meeting as the majority did not have the numbers; acting as a “crutch” for the administration was Ruggero Pegna, minority councilor, who with his abstention vote allowed the municipal government to remain standing, even if “propped up” and with a precarious balance to say the least.
The majority is in fact deeply divided: Annalisa Spinelli remains faithful to her intention to act as a “contrary supporter”; Alessandro Saullo has been absent from council work for months, last Friday he appeared in the chamber only to vote for the president of the auditors but was not there at the time of voting for the Dup. Another majority councilor is also absent, Giovanni Saladini, who recently joined the “We Moderates” party, a political group led at a national level by Maurizio Lupi and which includes the former Lametino parliamentarian Pino Galati who holds the role of vice president. vicar. Yes, precisely the stainless Galati who, apparently, returns to dictate the law in the arena of local politics by openly siding against the Administration in office. The times in which the former deputy openly supported Paolo Mascaro’s candidacy as mayor of the city are long gone.