Football doctors, the Final Six in Cotronei with Cosenza, Reggio and Melito. On the field from Friday to Sunday


By John

The project “Sila on tour”coordinated by Giuseppe Pipicelli with the support of Emmegi Turismo by Giuseppe Miletta and the contribution of Villa del Rosario, from Friday 15th to Sunday 17th, it welcomes footballer doctors. And so after the marine stage in June between Isola Capo Rizzuto, Le Castella and Steccato di Cutro, for the Italian championship, the Asd Nazionale Medici Calcio circuit returns to Calabria, again in the Crotone area, and moves to Sila for the Final Six of the twentieth edition of the Italian Cup. The fields that will host the event are the “Salvatore Baffa” of Cotronei, “Ampollino” of Villaggio Baffa and “Paolo Rossi Stadium” of Villaggio Palumbo. The announcement of the event was made during a press conference, attended by Pipicelli himself, by the mayor of Cotronei, Antonio Ammirati, by the leaders of the Asd Nazionale Medici Calcio, the president Gianni Borrelli and the vice Antonio Caputo, by representatives of the Municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto, Unpli, Uncem, Gal Kroton and the Sila National Park, and which had marked the twinning between Isola and Cotronei.
The six teams that will participate in the Italian Cup finals are Bologna, Melito Porto Salvo, Palermo, Napoli Flegrea, Reggio Calabria and Cosenza (Enrico Costabile’s rossoblù take over from Pescara who withdrew in recent hours). The first two, Bologna and Melito, will directly access the semi-finals scheduled for the afternoon of the 16th (3 and 6 pm) at the “Ampollino” stadium, while the third (Palermo) will challenge the sixth classified (Cosenza) and the fourth will face with the fifth (Reggio Calabria-Napoli Flegrea) in the two quarter-finals which will be played in the afternoon of day 15 at the “Baffa” stadium. Saturday morning, at 9.30, the final for fifth and sixth place at the “Ampollino” stadium; on Sunday, starting at 10am, at the “Paolo Rossi Stadium”, the finals for third and fourth place and the one to award the title to the team that will succeed in Milan-Brianza. The event is organized in collaboration with Aics and the patronage of the Municipality of Cotronei. In the roll of honor of the Italian Cup reserved for football doctors, the multi-title team is that of Melito Porto Salvo with 7 successes. The Final Six of the football doctors will be embellished by an initiative strongly supported by the Health Guarantor of the Calabria Region, Professor Anna Maria Stanganelli, and fully shared by the president of the Asd Nazionale Medici, Giovanni Borrelli, and by the vice-president Antonio Caputo. It was called “On the pitch against aggression”, it will be held on Saturday afternoon between one match and another at the Ampollino stadium and was born following the continuous physical and verbal attacks suffered by doctors in Reggio Calabria, Vibo Valentia, Locri and Paola who, underlines the Guarantor, «they testify to a deeply rooted cultural phenomenon, aggravated by the shortage of personnel and require immediate action on the part of the institutions. Our Office will act as a civil party in all criminal proceedings related to attacks on healthcare personnel. Saturday’s initiative was created to raise awareness among the population of the seriousness of acts of violence against healthcare personnel and to offer a strong signal in the direction of deterrence and repression of the phenomenon.”