It’s official: Francesco Tripicchio is running for mayor of Acquappesa again


By John

“Another 5 years to continue what has been done to date and to reap what has been sown, with immense sacrifices, to restore the Municipality and to relaunch the Luigiane Baths”.

Supported by the entire council majority, by numerous exponents of civil society and the world of associations and by new political and civic forces, the current mayor of Acquappesa, Francesco Tripicchio, formalizes his candidacy for an encore.

“I thank the many fellow citizens who, in recent months and especially in recent years, with an affection that has deeply moved me, have been close to me and have repeatedly encouraged me to continue, to move forward and to propose myself for a second mandate as mayor of our Community” – these are the words of Tripicchio. “A re-nomination that is strongly supported by the entire council majority, whom I thank for these 5 years which have been useful in creating not only a political group, but a real family. Massimiliano De Caro, Pino Spanò, Marilisa Carrozzino, Maria Mauro, Valerio Iacovo and Angelino Sirianni. Together, we have done a great job, with the support of the municipal offices, all the employees and those who, even from the outside, have never failed to give us their support”.

Tripicchio continues: “We can say that my re-nomination comes naturally, thanks to a path that we have faced with enormous sacrifices, with courage, but with our heads held high and in the sole and exclusive interest of our Community. Starting from the recovery of the municipal coffers and the reorganization of finances, arriving at the thermal issue, which led us to want and obtain a historic turning point, which now sees us as protagonists, together with the Calabria Region, in the relaunch plan and in an investment of starting of 10 million euros”.

Hence, the official announcement: “Faced with what we have sown, we have the moral duty to ask our fellow citizens for another 5 years of trust and municipal administration. There is still a lot to do and, in particular, there is a lot to gather together, as well as many opportunities, deriving from the Pnrr and from the continuous discussions with supra-municipal bodies, which we must continue to seize. We must demonstrate to everyone that, in Acquappesa, there is no going back.”