Messina, the stop will help improve. Plescia and Florence can make the difference. And Ragusa…


By John

«We are on the right path»: this is how Mister Giacomo Modica welcomed Cerignola’s away draw, against a team with a decidedly better equipped (and expensive) team than the Giallorossi team but which was unable to get the better of a Messina team that he believed until the end and found the final joker with the punishment of Marco Firenze. He starts again from this epilogue, now two weeks on the horizon to prepare for another tough away match, that of Taranto. We will be faced with the former Ezio Capuano, who immediately started strong with the success in the derby against Foggia. A doubled dose of days of work to best prepare for the match, considering the postponement of the home match against Casertana to October. The countdown will begin today (rest yesterday) with the first post-game work session.
Hiccups and first spells Launching and stopping again isn’t the best thing, but this period could be used to allow those who are a little behind in terms of condition to accelerate. This is the case of some “big names”. One above all, Florence itself, the scorer of the goal that earned the 2-2 on his debut in Puglia: «He’s trying to rediscover his qualities – Modica said after the match -, he arrived late, so it was found in late condition, then the hitch of an injury has complicated things even more but we wait patiently. Let’s say that he is already on the right track, he has those ballistic characteristics that help him and help us, we had prepared something else about that punishment but he saw it that way.” Luckily for Acr.
Other key elements expectedLike Florence they will be able to push two other elements on which Messina is betting. The first is Michele Ferrara, who braked in the last part of the preparation. The other obviously is Vincenzo Plescia, who took over during the match, but for Modica he is still behind his teammates in terms of athletic responses. He trained in Avellino in the pre-season, before landing on the Strait, but obviously carrying out a different type of work than the specific, “Zemanian” one that the Messina coach likes. It will also be a useful period to enter the white-shielded schemes. Clearly considering that the approach will be different from that seen in Cerignola, where Zunno acted more as an offensive terminal with Emmausso and Cavallo on the flanks, but with a constant exchange of positions. Plescia will act as a reference, as could Captain Ragusa, who served the day of disqualification and is ready to return. He can act as a terminal player, he has already done so in his career even if in Messina he has so far played on the laterals, mainly on the left but also on the right in the decisive playout final, in which he scored against Gelbison. An idea, it will be seen, certainly these athletes raise not just the quality but also the possibility of shuffling the cards for the technical staff. A good dose of experience (if you consider among other things that in Cerignola five under players took the field in the starting eleven) will not hurt, but those who have played in Puglia have already had an answer: with the necessary improvements, in C it can stay there. Now it’s time to grow and confirm yourself. With our feet on the ground, because at this moment, looking at the other teams in Group C, salvation remains the objective to be achieved (also in this case the proclamations, as with the “gollifero” speech, leave as little time as they find) by sticking to to the current situation. Should enthusiasm then mesh, nothing is precluded in football.
Those boxes to be “shuffled” For Modica there will also be some role slots perhaps to be “shuffled”. On the eve of the “gong” at the market he had said: «Generally speaking we are still missing something, I hope someone arrives in this last part of the market». The real box left empty is that of the left-back alternative to Tropea, who did well in the push phase despite suffering in defense. Perhaps an alternative with different characteristics would have been needed, after the pursuit of the injured Brogni and the consequent stoppage of Atalanta at the Ceresoli landing. Pacciardi, left-handed, is considered central. At this point there will be two paths: the possible adaptation of Polito who until now had been “counted” as a central defender (especially if Darini were to eventually be signed up) or the addition of an element among the freed players (there is for example ex Goncalves is a free example, even if his characteristics are taller as a full-back than as a full-back).