Local police in Reggio are at war against the use of falsified disabled permits


By John

In the last 24 hours the local police of Reggio Calabria have identified and withdrawn another three falsified disabled permits. The leitmotif of the crafty people is always the same: they photocopy the original passes of friends and relatives and show off for parking in defiance of the rights of people with disabilities, taking away their reserved spaces and also avoiding, in the case of parking in blue stalls, the relevant share. The local police, who had already started a targeted control activity in recent years, have been making an important operational effort in recent weeks to stamp out this evil. And the results are not long in coming. In the last 24 hours, three people have been caught displaying counterfeit coupons in the city centre. For them, reporting to the judicial authority for use of a false document is inevitable, and in case of use on blue stalls, even for fraud. The services, arranged by Commander Zucco, will continue unabated in the coming days to protect one of the weakest categories of road users: people with reduced walking ability, deprived of the sacrosanct right to mobility. The proceedings are still in the preliminary investigation phase and responsibilities will have to be accepted with a final sentence. Meanwhile, the seizures of the falsified labels have been validated by the judicial authorities.