Taxes and legality, the education project on fiscal legality ends in Castrovillari


By John

This year too, the Tax Magistrates Association carried out a project on tax legality in secondary schools, the aim of which is to inform and train young people in the knowledge of the rules to be respected for civil coexistence.

The program, which ended last April, focused on tax subjects. Students from 4 Calabrian institutes located in the cities of Castrovillari, Corigliano – Rossano, Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria joined the project. They were introduced to: the Revenue Agency, the Financial Police, the Collection Agency, the Tax Judge, the parties to the tax process.

The lessons were held by those who work in the tax world on a daily basis; these are Judges, representatives of the tax authorities, soldiers of the Guardia di Finanza, lawyers and chartered accountants.

The project will end tomorrow, SATURDAY 18 MAY with a ceremony that will begin at 9.00 in the Aula Magna of the “Mattei – Pitagora – Calvosa” Higher Education Institute (Plesso Pitagora), included in the “Festival of legality” (which the Municipality of Castrovillari organizes every year and which for 2024 takes place from the 17th to the 22nd of the month).

After the institutional greetings, a “simulation” of the tax process and a focus on “games and betting” will be held

Greetings and speeches:

Prof. Vincenzo TEDESCO Principal of the “Mattei – Pitagora – Calvosa” Comprehensive Institute

Lawyer Domenico LO POLITO – Mayor of Castrovillari

Honorable Carolina LUSSANA – President of the Tax Justice Presidency Council

Dr. Mario SPAGNUOLO – President of the Tax Justice Court of Cosenza

Dr. Massimo LENTO – President of the Castrovillari Court

Dr. Ennio SEPE – President Emeritus of the Tax Magistrates Association

Dr. Eugenio Facciolla – National Board of the Tax Magistrates Association

Lawyer Giuseppina D'INGIANNA – Regional President of AMT and Coordinator of the “Tax and Legality” project

Dr. Antonio GAETANI – Tax Judge former CPGT Advisor

Dr. Arianna BUFFONE Commander of the Financial Police

Students and teaching coordinators of the “Mattei – Pitagora – Calvosa” Higher Education Institute