Luca Ward jokes about the “decomposed” dessert in restaurants: “Better a Pizzo truffle”


By John

It happens more and more often that we go to restaurants and arrive at the end of the meal wanting a good dessert. A nice Sicilian cannoli, or a tiramisu, or a creamy profiterol. The fact is that more and more often the customer is faced with sometimes extravagant proposals “decomposed” sweets. And so here is the cannoli broken down, with the wafer pieces dipped in ricotta or cream. Or tiramisu with more or less artistic compositions depending on the venue.

However, the famous actor and voice actor ironically intervened on the point Luca Ward who took a stand on social media and wrote: “The fact of the “decomposed” dessert in restaurants is getting out of hand. If you don’t feel like preparing it, bring us a Pizzo truffle“.