“Marvel”, “Great”, “Monstrous”, “What a match!”: this is how Italy rejoices in Sinner’s victory


By John

It was a very tough match, I started very well and for two sets he made some mistakes, giving the feeling of not being well. I tried to push, I missed a match point with a forehand but then I got off to a great start. The result makes me happy.” Jannik Sinner enjoys the warmth of the Rod Laver Arena after beating number 1 Novak Djokovic in four sets and reaching his first Slam final in Melbourne. “The atmosphere was wonderful – explains the South Tyrolean, number 4 in the ATP ranking – I couldn’t wait to play this match, I had lost to him in the semifinals at Wimbledon and I learned from matches like this, it’s all part of the growth process. We have similar tennis and I won’t reveal my tactics, I have the feeling that I will play a few more matches against him…”.

The blue confirms that ‘Nole’, when he was 16-17 years old, gave him some advice: “I had the chance to play with him in training, he suggested that I be as unpredictable as possible. My serve has improved a lot but I have the feeling that I can still grow a lot, which is why I have a great team with me.” Just like Bolelli and Vavassori in doubles, Sinner is also preparing for his first Slam final in his career: “I tried to prepare as best I could for this tournament, my confidence since the end of last year is very high and it has given me the confidence to play with the best in the world. I will take the field with a smile – he concludes – and we will see how it ends.”

“It’s history again”, Jannik is “the man to beat”

“Another feat, it’s history again! Written with a dominant talent and a disarming awareness. Majestic Sinner: he overcomes Djokovic by force and gives himself – the fifth Italian player ever in singles – the first decisive act of a Slam, which is also equivalent to the first final ever for Italian tennis at the Australian Open. At your side to continue dreaming. Thank you, Jannik”. The president of CONI, Giovanni, wrote it on X Malagò.

«Sinner is a phenomenon, he is the new man, the ‘young man’ to beat and for some time he will be like this. If he continues as he is doing now, the others will be in trouble.” Nicola too Pietrangeli, the only Italian tennis player to have won two Grand Slam tournaments and world record holder for matches played and won in the Davis Cup, was enthusiastic about Jannik Sinner’s victory over Novak Djokovic and Melbourne, “which I actually expected, given that I had bet a drink that Sinner would have won.” “But I was impressed by his confidence – he continues on the phone to Ansa – his presence on the pitch, he seems like someone who has won every match for 50 years. Am I mad at him? It’s a stupidity. I say that instead Jannik is really strong, already now at the level of the top two-three in the world. I repeat, he will become the man to beat: for me he is Superman and there will be few against him.” But to Pietrangeli It is also important to underline another concept. “The Italian is a fan more than a sportsman – he explains – instead it must be said that even if Sinner were to lose the final, I hope not but it could also happen, he will still have started 2024 in a great way. In a tournament like this, like the Australian Open in that impressive venue always full of people, it’s nice to even come second. In sport, as in life, losing can also happen, although in Sinner’s case I believe there will be few defeats.” “In any case -. concludes Pietrangeli – the difficult part for him will begin now, because by becoming the man to beat, and I truly believe that it will be like this, he will feel obliged to always win and all his opponents will work even harder against him. But I believe that Sinner will be able to handle the pressure, the way he is, and it is no coincidence that everyone loves him.”

“Marvel”, “Great”, “What a match!”: the reactions of politicians to Sinner’s victory

“Australian Open… how wonderful”. Thus the minister for sport and youth, Andrea Abodicelebrates on X Jannik Sinner’s victory over Novak Djokovic which earned the blue the Australian Open final.

“What a match, mum, what a match. Now the Final”. The leader of Italia Viva, Matteo Renzihe comments on his social channels.

“Great Jannik Sinner who beats Djokovic and reaches the final of the Australian Open. An immense, historic result. Go Jannik!”. The president of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe, writes it on his social channels With you.

“An Italian in the final at the Australian Open for the first time! Djokovic’s semi-finals at the Australian Open to date: 10 played, 10 won. Then a certain Jannik Sinner arrived. Monstrous!”. The former mayor of Turin Chiara writes it on her social channels Hangervice-president of Fitp.

«Wonderfully Sinner! Our tennis player beats Djokovic and is the first Italian in history to reach the final of the Australian Open. Go Champion.” The Minister of Agriculture, Francesco, writes it Lollobrigida.