Mattarella: “Since the start of integration, the EU is experiencing the most critical phase”


By John

Since the start of the integration process, European history is experiencing perhaps the most critical phase of its history. The security of our continent is shaken by conflicts that we have not experienced in recent times. Our neighborhood is marked by crises that it would be illusory to believe are confined to localized outbreaks.”

The President of the Republic writes it, Sergio Mattarellaon the occasion of celebration of Europe Day which refers to Robert Schuman's declaration of 1950.

“In a few weeks the citizens of the twenty-seven member states will be called to the polls to elect the new European Parliament. A great exercise in democracy in which hundreds of millions of voters have the opportunity – and the related responsibility – to become protagonists of their future” , the head of state continues. “With participation in the vote we will be able to shape the government of a united, peaceful, dynamic European Union, capable of harmonizing the different points of view of its peoples according to principles of solidarity”.

Tajani: “'Europe is an ideal for peace and freedom”

«Europe is an ideal, our way of seeing life, common values, solidarity, the union between different peoples who bring their identities together, for peace and freedom. Happy Europe Day! Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani wrote this on X on the occasion of Europe Day