Messina, steps forward for Modica-ter. The future could emerge in the next few days


By John

Between reflections and silences, expectations and meetings, the future of Messina could already emerge in the next few days, with the current week taking on the contours of decisive decisions. Reality experienced at the end of every championship since Pietro Sciotto took over the presidency of Messina, but this time the time available of the top Biancoscudato manager is less, considering that registration for the next Serie C must be completed by June 4th. Less than a month for the Giallorossi management who will have to define their future soon.
Who has time… Each day thus has an important specific weight in the planning of the new sports season. The situation relating to the extension of the contracts of the coach Giacomo Modica and the sporting director Domenico Roma is a priority: the parties have already met at least twice after the Monopoli match, the first in a venue in the Tyrrhenian province, the second Sunday at the “D'Alcontres-Barone” in Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto. Sciotto and Modica, together with Immacolato Bonina, attended Nuova Igea Virtus-Regginaa match that closed the Serie D regular season and ended with a score of 1-1.

Smiles and a relaxed atmosphere in the photos taken in the stands, a sign of how one can imagine the continuation of the relationship with the coach from Mazara del Vallo. Although a twist wouldn't surprise anyone.
Speeches at “Franco Scoglio”. In Modica I had placed better organization from a logistical point of view almost as a primary condition. The early termination of the relationship with Camaro should distance Messina from the “Marullo” of the Bisconte district, with the team expected to find a new headquarters. What is improving, however, are the conditions of the “Franco Scoglio”, which has recently undergone extraordinary maintenance work on the bottom of the field, with the turf that will be renewed after the last scheduled concert (9 July, Max Pezzali).
Meanwhile, on Monday the tanks necessary for watering the green lawn were replaced, some of which were punctured and now unusable.
The team. The good championship played by Messina has allowed several players from the white shield squad to be able to show off and already attracted by Serie B and C teams.
Three of the five players who will still be under contract will have an important market: Emmausso, who closed the season in double figures despite the ups and downs that have characterized his entire career, has long been liked by president Antonini's ambitious Trapani, newly promoted to Serie C, but a Serie B club would also have their eyes on him.
Frisenna and Salvo, the happiest young surprises of the seasonmany third-series clubs like him and Catanzaro and Venezia had also shown interest in the full-back born in 2003 during the championship.