Melito, five councilors resign: “Situation of democratic unavailability”


By John

Five city councilors threw in the towel. Disappointed, embittered and strongly annoyed by the trend taken by the evidently not shared political-administrative management of the Municipality of Melito Porto Salvo, they have decided to leave the seat definitively. I was the one who resignedLuciana Familiari, Silvia Foti, Antonina Iaria, Francesco Pizzi And Antonino Vadala.
The political earthquake hit the municipal administration led by mayor Salvatore Orlando yesterday morning, when five letters with the identical content were registered in the Town Hall. All of them were intended for the municipal secretary, the prime minister, Francis Benedict, and for information to the prefect and police commissioner of Reggio Calabria. The few lines of content contain reasons as heavy as boulders. «After a profound reflection – those directly involved made known – on the latest administrative events, we have resigned from the position of municipal councilor, given the situation of democratic unusability and related conditioning, such as to determine a lack of the necessary serenity to fulfill the mandate”.
Already in open contrast with the majority, last June, although at different times, the five had left “RisorgiMelito”, the civic body which, despite running alone in the local elections two years ago, had obtained sufficient votes for a quorum to be reached and the session to be validated, leading Orlando to the election as mayor. Together with Gabriella Campagna, another member of the majority who was not among those who resigned, they had joined the mixed group. From that moment on they had taken a critical position, pressing the city government team on many fronts, but finding it cohesive around the mayor and ready to respond blow for blow.