Messina, good debut. A magic from Florence in injury time scores the 2-2 in Cerignola


By John

27′ Tropea (M), 30′ st and 4′ st Malcore (AC), 47′ st Florence (M).
BOLD CERIGNOLA (4-3-2-1): Trezza 6; Russo 6.5, Martinelli 6.5, Ligi 6.5, Tentardini 6; Tascone 7, Capomaggio 6 (40′ st Bianco sv), Ruggiero 6 (11′ st Leonetti 5), D’Ausilio 7 (11′ st Ghisolfi 6), D’Andrea 6 (24′ st Sosa 6), Malcore 7 ( 40′ st Neglia sv). Available: Krapikas, Fares, Allegrini, Coccia, Prati, De Luca, Carnevale. Annex Tisci 7.
MESSINA (4-3-3): Fumagalli 6; Lia 5.5, Polito 5.5, Pacciardi 5.5, Tropea 6.5; Scafetta 6.5 (25′ st Ortisi 5.5), Giunta 6, Frisenna 5.5 (17′ st Firenze 6.5); Zunno 6, Emmausso 5.5 (17′ st Plescia sv), Cavallo 5.5 (38′ st Luciani sv). Available: De Matteis, Ferrara, Salvo. Annex Modica 6.5.
REFEREE: Gauzolino (Turin) 6. Linesman: Spataro-Marchese. Fourth official: Aldi.
NOTE: 2685 spectators were present, including 150 guests. Expelled: in the 42nd minute Leonetti (AC) for a foul. Booked: Capomaggio, Ruggiero (AC); Scafetta, Pacciardi (M). Corners: 5-2. Recoveries: 2′ pt, 5′ st.

Good away draw on debut for Messina, who, thanks to a magic free-kick (earned by Plescia) by Florence in full injury time, overcame Cerignola on the first day of the championship. Open and hard-fought race in Puglia, with the Peloritani without Manetta, Franco and Ragusa who present themselves with a mobile attack without points of reference. The away team took the lead first with Tropea, then Malcore’s brace turned everything around. But in the final, in numerical superiority, Acr pushes on the accelerator and finds the wildcard thanks to the number 5 who explodes the host sector