Messina, attack on condominium meeting: 67-year-old Carmelo Schirò sentenced


By John

At the time the story raged in Messina for days. And tonight, almost two years after those events, it arrived condemnation for the 67-year-old Carmelo Schirò, who even ended up in prison. The single judge Maccarrone inflicted on him today 2 years and 4 months in prison for the charges of stalking and serious injuries.

The prosecutor’s request for a sentence was 3 years. Schirò, who was assisted in the trial by the lawyer Salvatore Silvestro, on March 1, 2022 during a condominium meeting in a studio in Via dei Mille became the protagonist of a violent attack against a professional, his neighbor.

He ended up in hospital for treatment, and other residents who had intervened because they had tried to calm things down were also injured in the fray. In the sentence, in addition to future compensation for damages, the judge also established a “provisional”, i.e. immediate compensation, for the professional who was injured, who was assisted by the lawyer Daniela Agnello.