“Messina Cocktail Competition”, aim to spread the culture of conscious drinking


By John

The first edition of. will be held in Piazza Duomo from 7 to 9 June “Messina Cocktail Competition”, presented today at Palazzo Zanca in the presence of the mayor Federico Basile and the councilor for major city events Massimo Finocchiaro, in which the member of the Board of Directors Carla Grillo took part, representing the president of ATM SpA Giuseppe Campagna. Also present was the vice prefect Maria Gabriella Ciriago and representatives of the police forces in order to share together the presentation of a street event characterized by entertainment initiatives and healthy fun but with the aim of conveying and spreading the culture of conscious and quality drinking.

Present at the meeting, moderated by Josè Villari, were Gabriele Arcovito, director of Shift, and the president of Club Barman dello Strait Claudio Patania, and Diletta La Torre, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Spi (Italian psychoanalytic society) IPA (International Association of Psychoanalysis) spoke. and founding member of the psychoanalytic laboratory “Vicolo Cicala” and of “Support a Patient at a Distance”, together with the founding member of the latter and psychologist Letterio Gatto.

“The event we are presenting has a particular importance – said Mayor Basile – because it does not only concern moments of play and entertainment but wants to give a message with a high social content as it is linked to a very important theme, that of the relationship between young people and alcohol, on which we must always pay the utmost attention. In fact, the slogan drink responsibly must be a driving force with respect to these events characterized by moments of leisure and entertainment, raise awareness of the art of bartenders but, above all, raise awareness that alcohol consumption must be able to manage, both by those who the barmen and venues do a job of great responsibility for those who benefit from it. I hope the participation will be broad and I hope it will also be very prepared and well sensitized. Our task therefore is also that – concluded the mayor – of communicating respect towards the entire community, which also passes through these events in which you can have fun, but without exaggerating”.

Councilor Finocchiaro continued by highlighting first of all the profitable synergy of intent with the other institutions and with all the police forces in the organizational phases of events held in the city, in order to guarantee public safety, order and protection . “In this case Messina Cocktail Competition – underlined Finocchiaro – it is not just a simple event that will certainly be unique and evocative, but the primary purpose is to promote quality drinking and responsible drinking, and for this very reason the cocktails will have a limited alcohol content. The program includes a series of initiatives but the connecting element is to raise awareness among the community about the moderate and responsible use of drinking for which we shared the event with all the institutions present”.

There vice-prefect Ciriago “The event is certainly a unique and particular moment that encompasses interconnected themes, since drinking responsibly means raising awareness among young people in particular of the issue of road safety so that they become aware that driving under the influence of alcohol is the cause of numerous road accidents. From this point of view, the Messina Transport Company is careful to guarantee the transport service in order to give young people the opportunity to return home using public transport. It is essential to launch important social messages also through events in which all the institutions work in synergy for a common path”.