Five-a-side football and school: the national finals of the school projects 'Tutti in Goal' and 'Ragazze in Gioco' are held in Salsomaggiore Terme. Two Calabrian schools at the start


By John

Salsomaggiore Terme, in the province of Parma, welcomed the finalist teams with great joy and enthusiasm 'Everybody in Goal' and 'Girls in the Game': starting today Wednesday 29 May and until Saturday 1 June, the spa city will in fact be the stage of the two educational-sports projects promoted by the FIGC Youth and School Sector. 38 teams arrived to compete in this last act of the event, representing 33 lower secondary schools and 19 regions of Italy.

The teams capable of overcoming the previous three phases have arrived in Salsomaggiore Terme: the institute one, then the provincial one and finally the regional one. Now the last step, with the national phase involving 20 teams for the 'Ragazze in Gioco' tournament and 18 for 'Tutti in Goal'. In this last act will participate not only the schools capable of winning on the field, but also those – one for each of the two projects – which have gained access to the final phase thanks to the victory of the 'training path', thanks to the ability to girls and boys to develop communication strategies for their team.

Some numbers help us to better understand the scope of the event: in this school year, a total of 13,493 students representing 195 schools participated in 'Girls in the Game', while 32,940 boys and girls from 233 institutes participated in 'Tutti in Goal'.

The matches on the pitch will start on Thursday 30th morning, at the 'Clemente Francani' sports center in Salsomaggiore Terme, while the finals of the two tournaments will be played on Saturday 1st June, in an exceptional setting for Italian futsal such as the stadium of spa town sports. Because the two tournaments are five-a-side football events: in 'Ragazze in Gioco' only female footballers take to the pitch, while in 'Tutti in Goal' the teams are mixed, with squads made up of 5 boys and 5 girls, and on the pitch there must be at least 2 players per team.

These two educational-sports events are part of a broader project, developed by the FIGC in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Merit, with the aim of promoting school sports activities. 'Valori in Rete' is the name of the maxi project – aimed at all male and female students of schools of all levels throughout Italy – which includes a total of eight tournaments, of which 'Girls in Game' and 'Everybody in Goal'.

The two Calabrian schools as protagonists

Here are two schools representing Calabria. As far as “Girls at Play School” is concerned, here is the “Rogliano” Comprehensive Institute of Rogliano in the province of Cosenza. For “Scuola tutti in Goal” the Comprehensive Institute of Vallelonga (Vazzano complex) in the province of Vibo Valentia was present, the latter led on the occasion by prof. Francesco Gagliardi. They will be days characterized by sport, by healthy competition on the pitch, but they will also be moments of socio-cultural enrichment and social aggregation between groups of young people who will certainly live an unforgettable experience in the name of the healthy values ​​of sport.