Messina, less stable work and fixed-term contracts


By John

The data for the three-year period 2020-23 – according to the unions – are slightly better than those recorded in the 2018-21 period, but the analysis of the labor market in the Tyrrhenian area is still very worrying. In fact, compared to around 1000 people who have lost their jobs, there has been an employment placement of around 800 units but with fixed-term employment relationships. However, the data concerning this area is better than that of Messina which only in recent months seems to have reversed the trend, even if it is placed in the lowest steps in the ranking of the employment rate in the large municipalities.
The province of Messina records one slight reversal of trend thanks to the presence of primary realities, above all the refineries, an increasingly essential reality from the point of view of the job offer and therefore of economic productivity, but also other companies both in the related and tertiary sectors. Parameters that allow us to raise the bar and so the employment rate among men aged between 15 and 64 settles at just over 50 percent, almost double that of women. And the picture could have been better if there had not been the step back from the “seasonals” on the Aeolian Islands. In fact, never before in the last two years have there been difficulties in finding staff available to work during the summer season.