Messina, the body of the 19-year-old found in Giostra: Michele Lanfranchi would not have died in the street, but in a friend's house


By John

Michele Lanfranchi would not have died in the street, but in a friend's house near Via Michelangelo Rizzo, where the body was later found. And it wouldn't be murder, but of a game gone wrong or an accident. This is the reconstruction provided by some friends even if the Mobile men currently do not officially exclude some leads.

It seems, in fact, that the young man last night around 10.30pm had gone to visit his friend and was handling the gun in front of him, when suddenly a shot went off and hit him in the throat. He was saying he bought the gun a week ago, then the tragedy. The 19-year-old collapsed on the ground in a pool of blood, in front of his friend who was with his partner, two children and parents.

At that point Michele Lanfranchi would have been dragged out into the street by his friend, perhaps scared or to facilitate the help that had been called in the meantime. But the 118 men, once they arrived on site, could not help but confirm the death.

The Mobile cops they collected the testimonies of the people involved and present in the apartment, also subjecting them to the Stub test, which is used to understand if a person has recently shot.

Everyone told this version of events, which is now being investigated by the police who want to see clearly to the end and understand if there are other aspects that need to be taken into consideration. The gun was found on the street in Lanfranchi's hand. The head of the investigations is the deputy Liliana Todaro.