Press review 05-30-2024 Calabria editions


By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Calabrian editions, edited by Salvatore De Maria. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today

'Ndrangheta in Reggio, the fears of the Arangea gang: “Whoever frequents Palumbo ends up in prison”
The new recruits of the Cutresi in Emilia: 22 convictions on appeal
«Electoral plots in healthcare»: the complaint by the president of the city council Mazzuca in Cosenza

«A more equitable and supportive Europe». The decalogue of Calabrian industrialists
Trials of differentiated autonomy on beach concessions: “distant” unions
Here is the “new deal” for the water sector in Calabria: 2.2 billion in 30 years
Catanzaro, the fatal accident in the Aranceto district: an autopsy has been ordered on the body of Martina Guzzi
Cassano Jonio, Antonella Lopardo killed by mistake by the 'Ndrangheta: the mystery remains
Cassano, the boss' villa becomes a building for social use for people with reduced mobility

Abraham dispute, tight deadlines: pressure on Tim and the Ministry from Catanzaro
Catanzaro structural plan: observations soon on the designers' table
Orchidea, the construction site in Reggio held hostage by cables and cabins
Wellness Park, the inauguration in Cosenza peppered with controversy
“Borgo Antico” of Lamezia: from millionaire compensation to job opportunities for many young people
Former General Markets of Crotone: monitoring of the degraded site announced

Subdued electoral campaign in Vibo: no squares for rallies