Reggina, one point and many regrets in Acireale


By John

Acireale-Reggina 1-1
Markers: 13′ st Vanzan, 12′ st Aquino.
Acireale: Zizzania 6, Di Mauro 6.5 (33′ st Milo sv), Maltese 6.5, Sirimarco 6, Romano 6, De Mutiis 6 (25′ st Galletta 6), Vanzan 7, La Vigna 6, Vaccaro 6 (44′ st Germinio sv), Cusumano 6.5 (25′ st Montaperto 6.5). All.: De Sanzo.
Reggina: Martinez 6, Aquino 6, Ingegneri 5.5, Zanchi 6, Martiner 6.5, Salandria 5.5 (13′ st Marras 5.5), Mungo 5.5, Provazza 5.5 (13′ st Dervishi 6), Zucco 5.5, Barillà (29′ st Bianco 6), Coppola 6 (13′ st Perri 6). All.: Trocini.
Referee: Liotta of Castellammare di Stabia 7.
Note: approximately 1,200 spectators with a large guest representation. Booked: Vaccaro, Zanchi, Maltese, Martiner and Dervishi. Corner kicks 4 to 0 for Reggina.

ACIREALE. They fought head-on, but in the end Reggina did not go beyond a draw on the Acireale pitch, where the two teams faced each other head-on, giving the public more than one emotion in the recovery of the second day of the championship. The Amaranths had to play the game uphill, as they were hit almost coldly, just before the quarter-hour mark, by Vanzan’s goal. But it was in the second half that the Reggio Calabria team, supported by a large group of fans, managed to give their best, including the goal. And, overall, they played more than the hosts, but in the end they had to settle for a draw which, perhaps, was a little tight for them.
Trocini’s team, in fact, gave life to a constant offensive which put the hosts in serious difficulty, in the end, however, deserving of the draw, achieved against a tough and well-disposed opponent on the pitch, equipped with a which probably still needs some work, although it has already demonstrated that it is capable of standing out in this Serie D.