Messina, traditional referee Easter for the provincial section of the AIA


By John

Fair play, spirit of cooperation, friendship: in sport as in life, respect for the rules and healthy competition are fundamental for the growth of the community, which is increasingly open to acceptance and integration. The members of the Messina provincial section of the Italian Referees Association, named after the late Salvatore Rizzo, celebrated the traditional referee's Easter, renewing their sporting commitment in light of the values ​​of loyalty and spirit of sharing which become an opportunity for human promotion and solidarity exchange. It was the auxiliary bishop Cesare Di Pietro who celebrated the mass in the headquarters in via S. Sebastiano, an appointment lasting more than ten years for him, who wanted to underline the peculiarity of the role of the referees, “marked by the character of friendship, which pushes share the same ideals.” A passion that becomes a mission, because whoever referees a sporting competition “is called upon to enforce the rules on the pitch, an educational process valid in all areas of life: in a world that is increasingly rebellious to the rules of the game, your role contributes to the creation of processes of good and justice, said Di Pietro”. “Calmness, ability to understand, balance are testimony to the evangelizing mandate that the referee, following the example of those who guide and govern the various realities, carries forward transforming the sporting game into an example of life”, said the president of Aia Messina Santino Morabito. The initiative, organized with the group “Our Father… Father of Everyone” coordinated by Andrea Pinesi, one of the 200 referees registered at the Aia of Messina, was an opportunity to start a food collection for some needy families of the city area followed by the prayer group which for years has been committed, in addition to spreading the evangelical message, to giving a smile and the hope of social redemption to those who have lost it.