Calabria, first step of the single SEZ: the South desk activated


By John

First concrete and tangible steps of the new single Special Economic Zone: the simplification tool for investments represented by the one-stop shop is operational. An important signal, because it allows investors under the fast regime to settle in any area of ​​the South and start their entrepreneurial activity, while also allowing them to open offices in all regions at the same time.
The single control room which transferred the competences from Calabria and other regions to the mission structure appointed by the government has the aim of streamlining the procedures and eliminating the differences that had occurred between the different territories. The Calabrian Zes was significantly behind the others and this change could represent the long-awaited launch pad. The South Zes desk will allow the presentation of projects aimed at starting economic activities, or the establishment of industrial, productive and logistical activities within the single Zes by companies belonging to all sectors, except trade. Furthermore, the Sud Zes desk will not allow the presentation of projects that require the exclusive request of the Scia and of requests relating to public initiative projects falling within the competence of the Port System Authority.