Mid-August in Messina: bonfires, tents and alcohol are prohibited on the beach. News also on the summer nightlife


By John

On the occasion of the August 15th weekend, one of the highlights of the summer season, the mayor Federico Basile issued ordinance No. 172 today, Thursday 3 August 2023, for prohibit the possession and transport of wood to light bonfires on the beach and near public and state-owned areas.

The ban also extends to glass bottles and spirits. Also stop at tents and camps. The aim is to preserve the beaches of the north and south coast of the city both in terms of decorum and hygiene and in terms of safety and public order.

The provision also establishes that musical activity is exceptionally permitted and limited on Monday 14 August and Monday 21 August, as well as to postpone by thirty minutes the suspension of musical and/or dancing entertainment both in public establishments and in public entertainment venues that carry out outdoor activities, exclusively in the period from 10 to 26 August 2023.

About the city councilors Dario Carbone of “Brothers of Italy”, Emilia Rotondo of the “Mixed Group”, Dario Zante of “Ora Sicilia” welcome – but without too much surprise – the ordinance issued by the Mayor of Messina with which the times of musical entertainment activities during the August 15th period have been modified and expanded.

“As we wanted to demonstrate, the ordinance to modify the August 15th timetable has been issued” declare the Councilors. “During the work of the commission a few days ago we proposed to the Municipal Administration to change the times of the aforementioned activities considering the particular period of the year and this legitimate request gave rise to a very tough debate also with the commissioner Finocchiaro who seemed not to wanting to take no step back” the councilors continue.

“Perhaps having highlighted there, to general amazement and among other things, the fact that due to an oversight with the ordinance in force – paradoxically – no musical entertainment activity could have been carried out on Monday 14 August convinced the Administration to review its plans” they are pressing.

“There I am also sorry that the fellow councilors who support the Basile administration, in strenuous and stubborn defense, have voted against the proposal to extend the hours presented by us for evidently political reasons and not for common sense.
In September – hoping with the possibility of being able to work with the entire City Council regardless of political colors and official defenses – it is our intention to regulate the matter in a clear, shared and systematic way” concluded Carbone Rotondo and Zante.

While the municipal councilors of the majority of Palazzo Zanca intervene on the “movida” in defense of the administration’s work: “The mayor, with today’s ordinance, number 172, intervenes in support of the entrepreneurs. As always this administration works with the facts, he has always said that for the month of August he would adopt targeted measures for the productive activities of the sector and so he did. In fact, today’s ordinance allows public establishments and public entertainment venues to postpone musical or dancing entertainment by 30 minutes exclusively in the period between 10 and 26 August. The innovative aspects of the provision mainly concern the possibility of organizing dancing and non-dancing evenings also on Monday 14 and Monday 21 August”.

The directors who support the majority of Federico Basile they consider themselves largely satisfied with the contents of the new ordinance, for the sensitivity towards the entrepreneurial world which, especially in the tourism sector, “must be increasingly put in a position to drive the local economy. An applause goes to the common sense and tolerance of our fellow citizens – the councilors continue – who are often harassed and disturbed by those who irresponsibly transgress the rules of civil life and the law”.