Molinaro (Lega): protections and rules on Corso Mazzini in Cosenza are a guarantee for everyone


By John

After having intervened on the tactile paths on Corso Mazzini in Cosenza, in a state of deterioration and in fact unusable, the Regional Councilor Pietro Molinaro intervenes on the situation that “night and day” sees the display, sale and accumulation in a stable form of various merchandise. A situation – he continues – which takes away the decorum of the main street of the city and which also creates unfair competition towards those who pay taxes. Urban decoration – adds Molinaro – it is not a matter or an activity, but a purpose of administrative action, which corresponds to the value for an appreciable level of overall quality of the maintenance of public spaces, harmonious and coherent with the context which enhances the quality of life in urban areas . I believe, without wronging or criminalizing anyone, that, to avoid this “tangle”, it is necessary to intervene on this phenomenon with rules and parameters that recognize the dignity of workers with honors and burdens. Rights and duties must go hand in hand. Doing this – he concludes – makes us open our eyes to combine justice and solidarity in an attempt to make this city more livable and welcoming and to realize even more the discomfort that is experienced in our streets.