Municipal elections in Rometta: Nino Cirino beats Melania Messina and is moved VIDEO


By John

Approximately 300 votes difference. Nino Cirino is mathematically mayor of Rometta beating Melania Messina.

The deputy mayor of the outgoing municipal administration, supported by the “Vivi Rometta” list, defeated Melania Messinawho was also part of the Merlino Executive in the role of deputy mayor and was supported by the “Generazione Rometta 2024” group.

Cirino totaled 1595 votes, with a percentage of 56.2%, against Melania Messina who achieved 1242 preferences, with 43.8%.

The victory is mathematical for Cirino who is moved: “It was a difficult challenge, I'm very excited, but very happy because all the strong powers united against me, I thank everyone for their affection, I can't hold back the tears , the citizens gave me unconditional affection.”