Municipality of Cosenza, the gaffe on the multiplied debt: here is the assist for the opposition


By John

The patch proved unable to hide the hole. The slip-up on the millionaire debt with Siae, attributed to the old administration, and the embarrassing and hasty rectification of Palazzo dei Bruzi have become an indictment in the hands of the opposition. An assist promptly valued by the minority councilors: Caruso, Cito, D'Ippolito, Dodaro, Luberto, Lucanto, Ruffolo, Spadafora and Spataro: «We are worried, like all the people of Cosenza, since what happened reveals a superficiality and carelessness which are unacceptable in the institutions and which, instead, today reign supreme in the rooms of the municipal government, where they operate in the name of extreme improvisation and tragic incompetence”.
The analysis of the centre-right councilors sharpens the judgment on the majority in government of the city: «We have said it and we repeat it: every time the current municipal administration tries to mark the difference and mark discontinuity with the previous one Mario Occhiuto, causes disasters or makes oneself ridiculed. Despite the many issues and critical issues affecting the city, the only activity that occupies the current council, led by Franz Caruso, is to tear one's clothes and whine, evoking ad nauseam, on every occasion, “the heavy legacy received from the management of the previous decade”. We could not imagine, however, that in order to support their positions, the current administrators would go so far as to disseminate information which, if not to be branded as false and artfully fabricated, at best concerns facts and circumstances not adequately verified before being exploited , with superficiality and worrying nonchalance, only for sinister propaganda.”