Girl fell from carousel in Paola, investigations into the dynamics are underway


By John

Confidential and intense investigations to try to understand what happened late on Sunday evening when a 16-year-old fell from a carousel during the celebrations in honor of San Francesco di Paola, on the Tyrrhenian coast of Cosenza. The young woman's health conditions are improving. From what has been reconstructed, the little girl fell in front of numerous boys and many people who were on the seafront to take part in the entertainment events dedicated to San Francesco di Paola. She had gone on the rides together with some of her friends when – for reasons currently under investigation – she fell under her mechanical arm. According to the story of the people present, the little girl ended up on the iron grates and was rescued by some young people. But then she lost consciousness and for this reason the intervention of 118 was necessary. The ambulance came running, making its way through the crowd. The girl was taken to hospital. Now, the police are trying to understand what happened and whether there are any responsibilities to be ascertained. The safety systems of the ride and all the systems are also being checked.