Near tragedy in Sibari: a cylinder explodes and an entire building collapses


By John

Tragedy comes close to Sibari, in the Caselle district. Around 5 this morning a man of Pakistani origin, about 50 years old, in an attempt to light the gas with the lighter to prepare breakfast, caused the explosion of the cylinder.
The blast caused the roof to collapse, but it was the entire building – which was already in a dilapidated condition – that was completely damaged. The firefighters from Castrovillari shift C intervened on site to make the area safe, the Carabinieri from the Cassano company intervened to establish the causes of the explosion and an ambulance from 118. The man, who was thrown to ground from the shock wave, he was transported to Rossano hospital, where he was hospitalized with various burns, but his life was not in danger. There is speculation that the gas cylinder may have already been damaged or had not been installed correctly.