New fruit orchards in Calabria: more time for submitting applications


By John

There will be time until February 29th to submit applications related to support for the construction of new fruit orchards.

This was decided by the Calabria Region, on the proposal of the Agriculture Department led by Gianluca Galloin response to the requests made in this sense by the producers’ organisations.

The related provision, available on the institutional portal, concerns the 2023 annuality of the PSR measure aimed at promoting tree planting and replanting interventions of stone fruit (for example, plum, peach, apricot, cherry), pome fruit ( apple tree, pear), citrus fruits (blond orange from Caulonia, blond from Trebisacce, sfusato lemon from Favazzina) and nuts (pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut, almond). The list also includes crops included in the category at risk of abandonment and consequent genetic erosion. Actions aimed at making irrigation systems more efficient are also planned.

The call is aimed at agricultural entrepreneurs, individual or associated, and has the aim of promoting and strengthening the fruit supply chain in Calabria: through it, in particular, the aim is to improve the profitability of regional processing and marketing companies and the sustainability of production, and in particular to increase the market orientation of agricultural companies, to position and guarantee the permanence of regional products on the markets specialized reference points, in order to improve the value production chain.

The financial allocation assigned, subject to further additional resources, is equal to 13.5 million euros, based on interventions 4.1.1. “Investments in agricultural companies” and 4.1.3 “Investments for the management of water resources by companies agricultural”. The support, equal to 50% of the costs deemed eligible, will rise to 70% if requested by farmers operating in mountainous and disadvantaged areas.

Even for investments made by young farmers established during the five years preceding the submission of the application for support, the rate may be increased to 70% of the cost of the eligible investment. Please note that applications for support can be submitted exclusively through the Sian portal.