No from the Senate to the third term of the governors. The League's amendment was rejected


By John

The League's request for a third term for governors once again comes up against the no of the allies, who in the Senate also reject the amendment on the elimination of the run-off for mayors.

Divided on a battle that Matteo Salvini's party does not consider closed at all, the centre-right is instead united on justice: on Monday Giorgia Meloni in a meeting at Palazzo Chigi with Carlo Nordio dictated the acceleration on the separation of the careers of magistrates and on the reform of the Csm.

A change of pace after the autumn slowdown, when priority was given to the reform of the prime ministership. The League's intention to insist on a third mandate had been anticipated by its allies for days, despite an initial rejection of the amendment during the examination of the elections decree in the commission. Unlike the rapporteur, Alberto Balboni of FdI, the government avoided expressing a negative opinion by deferring to the Chamber of Palazzo Madama. And it was no surprise that the favorable votes of the League were joined only by those of Italia viva, while they spoke against FdI, FI, Pd, M5s and Avs, and the Svp abstained. However, the Northern League proposal on the balloting of mayors in municipalities with over 15 thousand inhabitants was unexpected, which would have allowed those above 40% to be elected in the first round. The FdI and FI did not like the idea, it was defined by the secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein as “a blitz three months before the vote, a disgrace to the most basic democratic rules”, and it was also rejected by the Anci.

“We do not believe that an overturning of the law on the direct election of mayors can be hypothesized without consulting the municipalities”, observed President Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari, in the name of “loyal collaboration between institutions”. This time the government called for the withdrawal of the proposal and the League agreed to make it the agenda. “On this issue we can understand that two months before the vote it would be incorrect, so it can be accepted. For us it was important to raise the question”, the final summary of the Northern League group leader in the Senate Massimiliano Romeo.

Meanwhile, a warning comes from his party: the game over the third term continues. Returning to office after the rejection in the commission was a coherent choice, they underline from Via Bellerio, it was not a move against the government. In short, at the next useful measure, the Northern League will return to the attack: “Now – this is the meaning of the Northern League's reasoning – our allies are against it but perhaps later on they will change their mind, we will find a way to tone it down”.

Among the hypotheses that could be evaluated by the center-right in search of a compromise, there is also that of expanding the limit of mandates from two to three but not for governors already in office. However, not before the European elections. The justice dossier will be hot in the coming weeks.

After the Council of Ministers on Monday, Meloni summoned Nordio, the deputy minister of Justice Francesco Paolo Sisto, the undersecretaries Andrea Delmastro and Andrea Ostellari, and the presidents of the Justice commissions of the Chamber and Senate, Ciro Maschio and Giulia Bongiorno.

A meeting revealed today by the Prime Minister herself, to those who asked her about the relationship with the Keeper of the Seals, who in recent days had to collect from Palazzo Chigi the halt to the idea of ​​a commission of inquiry into the dossier case. “We talked about everything”, the prime minister cut short. And shortly afterwards Nordio himself denied disagreements: “Imagine if there is a distance. No distance…” -third-term-of-the-governors-rejected-the-amendment-of-the-league-e7dee973-4360-448f-a049-96a9297a1012/.”The time for reforms has come”, was in short Meloni's input, as several people report present at Monday's meeting, which marks the acceleration of the separation of magistrates' careers and the reform of the CSM.

All in “perfect synergy”, assure executive sources. Nordio has committed to finalizing a draft by early April. Then, once the agreement has been defined, the constitutional bill should reach the Council of Ministers. The League in turn would like to accelerate on Autonomy: in this light the majority summit in the last hours with the minister Roberto Calderoli, group leaders and speakers should be read