Pupo flies to Moscow for one of his television events: “It will be my modest contribution for Peace”


By John

«Together with all my musicians, technicians and reporters I am moving to Moscow for a week. On March 15, at the Kremlin Theater, I will record a TV special called Pupo and Friends. It will be my modest contribution for Peace. Instead of staying calmly and comfortably at home, I decided to go into the 'trenches.' Pupo made it known via social media as he left for Russia, where he has always had great success.

«Believe me, reader friends, I don't do this out of economic necessity or even out of the desire to become more famous and loved – he writes on his profiles -. I don't need one or the other. I do it because I had a dream. I dreamed that a song, a simple song, was enlightening the minds of two men. Two men who shared nothing except their passion for that song. The dream ended with the two singing the chorus together and, as they shook hands, their two peoples became brothers again.”