Polistena hospital with operating rooms “blocked” since March 1st, mayor Tripodi launches a new mobilization for the right to health at the beginning of May


By John

Since March 1st, anesthetists from other healthcare companies have not provided professional services at the Polistena hospital, leading to lengthening of hospitalizations, waiting lists and the suffering of those who have been waiting to be operated on for several days.

This is what we learn from news that has circulated in recent days and which has forced the medical director of the unit to determine the blocking of scheduled surgical interventions.

“In this way – declared the Mayor of Polistena, Dr. Michele Tripodi – the Polistena hospital dies. The operating section in fact constitutes the beating heart of the hospital and, if not put in a position to function 24 hours a day, determines a compression of the right to health which in the Piana area must be guaranteed normally as in every other part of Calabria and Italy” .

Mayor Michele Tripodi continued: “I sent a message to President Occhiuto in which I expressed my strong concern about what is happening, asking him for immediate intervention to restore the functionality of the operating rooms which cannot function due to a lack of anesthetists”

In fact, it would seem that the paid anesthetists under contract are not paid regularly and for this reason they refuse to continue their extra-company services in Polistena.

“There is no more time to waste – concluded Tripodi – if this is the trend the Polistena hospital risks not making it to next summer. For these reasons we cannot remain indifferent, we need a giant mobilization involving committees, associations, bodies, parties, schools but above all the citizens of the entire territory who are systematically denied the right to care and assistance. We will meet in the square in Polistena in the first week of May because only a large mobilization of citizens is the only way left to raise awareness and avoid the dismantling of the Polistena hospital and public healthcare”