Ponte, the centre-right at Villa San Giovanni: «Speed ​​up the opening of the headquarters of the Stretto di Messina company»

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By John

It is to the Democratic Party, which has recently focused on the “expropriation nightmare” in reference to the route towards the bridge over the Strait, to Mayor Caminiti and to the majority, that the Forza Italia Villese circle and the centre-right municipal councilors are addressing.
Considerations that start from the statements of the CEO of Webuild, Pietro Salini («announced the update of the definitive project and the road and rail connection works»), and of Minister Salvini who, they explain «declared that the planning of the high-speed railway corridor from Salerno to Reggio and from Messina is underway to Catania and Palermo, which will connect Helsinki to Valletta, completing one of Europe’s most important runners across the Bridge. The scheduled times seem to have been respected, and the laying of the first stone is scheduled for 2024. We are concerned – they point out – that while the world discusses the bridge, the mayor and the majority remain silent and the city secretary of the Democratic Party continues to make catastrophic declarations about the future . We suggest we stop criticizing the bridge, citizens are mature enough to evaluate its employment and social benefits.”