At the Messina Street Food Fest 2023, desserts will have pride of place


By John

The engines of the Messina Street Food Fest 2023 are warming up and this year too it returns to Piazza Cairoli from Thursday 12th to 15th October with its load of “street” goodness to taste. Among the numerous preparations that can be discovered in the 54 food houses, desserts deserve a place of honour.
The most delicious end-of-meal that never fails on the tables of family holidays and Sundays, can also be enjoyed by walking among the houses of the gastronomic village of Piazza Cairoli, listening to the good music that will accompany the event for four days.
There are various proposals for traditional and innovative desserts that can be found, all of which have goodness and skill in preparation as the only common denominator.
At the Messina Street Food Fest alongside meat, fish and vegetable preparations you can enjoy ice creams, donuts, cannoli, chocolate sweets and desserts in different ways.
Ice cream will have pride of place, there is nothing better to beat the heat. One of the specialties of the event is ice cream with Sicilian flavours: a crunchy wafer with an ice cream made from almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios enriched with dark chocolate meringues, chopped pistachios, chopped hazelnuts and caramelised almonds.
For those who cannot give up chocolate in all its versions there is “3 chocolates” a dessert that has three chocolates in creamy and enveloping layers.
Another dessert that is never missing on Sicilian tables is the cannoli. At the Messina Street Food Fest it is possible to taste the one from Piana degli Albanesi considered the excellence of the cannoli with the crunchy fried dough filled with creamy ricotta, a mouth-watering specialty.
Created especially for the Messina Street Food Fest, it is the “street bomb” with frozen yogurt, a donut with yogurt and ice cream in many flavors. A great classic that never tires and that will be possible to find at the event is the brioche with ice cream, ideal for a tasty and fresh snack, a quick lunch or a sweet break, brioche with ice cream is difficult to resist.
Finally, a dessert that goes well with the idea of ​​street food is “steccogelato” an ice cream on a stick that dips under the fountain of white or dark chocolate and then garnished with sprinkles.
In the meantime, the setting up of the houses continues and the event machinery continues apace. Some structures have already been positioned and we are working hard to ensure that everything is ready for the great event that will bring thousands of visitors to the city. The center of the event, this year too, will remain Piazza Cairoli without expanding onto the pedestrian area of ​​Viale San Martino. The possibility of expanding to neighboring areas had been evaluated by the organizers but did not materialize for various reasons.