Press review 19-01-2024 Messina edition

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By John

In this video some of the main titles of our newspaper, Messina-Sicily edition, edited by Salvatore De Maria. Below are the others that you can read in the newspaper on newsstands today

Messina… waiting for the water. Disruptions in the area between Contesse and Mortelle, the return to normality will start from the southern area

Messina, the redemption of that “suburb” in the center: in Maregrosso the first step towards reclamation
Messina, the church of Faro Superiore warmly greets Don Lucianetti and welcomes the new parish priest Orazio Anastasi

Made in Italy high school: here are the institutes that have requested the activation of the “tricolor” school in Messina
Messina, students between art and kindness: the “Minutoli” brings to the stage the true antidotes to violence with Mario Incudine

Me Muovo, the revolution of the tram line, a fundamental hub for the city of Messina

Taormina like Erice: this is how the Municipality aims to have shops open all year round
Barcelona, ​​the Cutroni Zodda hospital at a standstill: it gives hope for general surgery
“Lucifero” Foundation in Milazzo: mission at risk