Railway underpass in Badolato, regional councilor Alecci presents a question to president Occhiuto


By John

“For over 12 years the community of Badolato has been waiting for the resolution of a problem that is creating great inconvenience for both residents and numerous tourists. Since 2012, the year of the closure of the level crossing near Via Aquilia, the inhabitants of the southern area of in fact, they are forced to walk more than a kilometer in order to reach the only crossing of the tracks currently available to reach the seafront and the beach. In this regard, I was contacted by the citizen committee “Together we can do it” which has promoted a series of initiatives aimed at creating a cycle-pedestrian crossing by raising the issue, together with the Municipality of Badolato, also at the relevant offices of the Calabria Region”. The regional councilor made this known Ernesto Alecci.

Furthermore, a petition signed by over 500 citizens was sent to President Roberto Occhiuto and the territorial management of Ferrovie dello Stato to ask for the activation of a discussion table between the Mayor, the Calabria region and Ferrovie dello Stato which, however, to date did not achieve any results. For this reason I presented a question to the President of the Region in order to obtain adequate answers as soon as possible regarding the desire to carry out the work. Also because replacement crossing works for pedestrians and cyclists had already been planned in 2012, including ramps for the disabled, and subsequently the technicians of the State Railways had carried out various inspections with the regional technicians to verify the feasibility of the work”.

“In the various discussions – Alecci recalled – the Municipality, which today is experiencing a situation of financial difficulty but at the time had taken an active part in carrying out the crossing using its own funds, requested several times from the Calabria Region the funds necessary for the construction of the This work is expected to cost around 300,000 euros in total. This work, in addition to having an impact from a social and tourist point of view in mending the urban fabric, is essential to avoid the dangerous habit of crossing the tracks in unauthorized or restricted sections. I therefore hope that a positive solution can be reached in the shortest possible time and, in any case, I will be vigilant in order to keep political attention high on this important issue.