Prigozhin, the legacy of the former Wagner boss to his son Pavel: 116 million euros


By John

In his will Yevgeny Prigozhin, former head of the Wagner Group, allocated all his assets to his 25-year-old son Pavel, who however will have to make an unspecified “donation of shares” and share the inheritance with his family. The document, which is making the rounds on Telegram groups and which appears to be the last one signed by Prigozhin, was viewed by the investigative media The Insider. By adding the companies’ revenue with the value of the properties, iThe son of Putin’s former chef should get “around 12 billion rubles (116 million euros ed)», an estimate similar to that already made by Business Petersburg in 2019 which spoke of a fortune of 14.6 billion rubles. Without considering the debt between 75 and 80 billion rubles (about 785 million euros) that the Ministry of Defense has contracted with Prigozhin’s companies and which Pavel would be willing to redeem. But according to what The Insider reports, Pavel Prigozhin will also have to play the role of donor on the basis of a “promise agreement on the gift of shares”: in the document, however, it is not specified what these shares are, and to whom he will have to donate them.