In Calabria, 2 thousand signatures have been collected in support of the minimum wage


By John

There are around two thousand signatures that the 5 Star Movement has collected in Calabria to present the petition in favor of the minimum wage; a proposal also supported by the other opposition forces to the Meloni government, namely the Greens and Left Alliance, Action, Democratic Party, More Europe. To promote the petition and the social battle undertaken for months now, the five-star members have organized a two-day debate and discussion. The first initiative took place yesterday evening at the Cloister of San Domenico in the presence of the former president of the Chamber of Deputies Roberto Fico and the deputy Anna Laura Orrico who is also the Calabrian coordinator of the pentastellati. Also present were the movement’s territorial delegates together with representatives of the trade unions and parties that support the bill on the minimum wage.
«The current situation is that the right-wing government, after having eliminated the citizen’s income and after having blocked the super bonus, putting entrepreneurs and families in difficulty, is also blocking the minimum wage. This, without taking into account that the minimum wage fills the salary gap that many people have: and we are talking about more than three million workers.” These are the considerations of Fico who added: «We carry forward the values ​​and principles of the M5S and of all those who identify with it. It’s not a left-wing issue; if we want to talk about common goods such as public water, environment and ecological transition, minimum wage and citizen’s income. If we want to deal with the zero kilometer circular economy, then we recognize ourselves in the principles and values ​​of the 5 Star Movement.”