Prime Minister, the tone is raised in the Senate. Russia applies the first “kangaroo”. Boccia (Pd): “The rules of the game are not clear”


By John

Back and forth in the Senate Chamber on the English premiership between Marcello Pera and Dario Parrini of the Democratic Party during the examination of the Casellati bill. The former president of the Senate asked to speak on the order of business and said: «Mr President, I would like to ask you if you cannot consider suspending the work of the Assembly for ten minutes, in order to digest the news that we are receiving now. agencies, namely that the Prime Minister of Britain is traveling to Buckingham Palace to call for the dissolution of Parliament on May 30th and to call a general election on July 4th. You understand that this is the only black man in charge and we should reflect on this experience »he added ironically with a reference to his speech yesterday.

Parrini replied in a subsequent speech: «President Pera drew a parallel between your premiership and the British premiership, but you are unfortunate in this parallelism. I inform you that the English Prime Minister is not directly elected by the people, and I give you the news that Sunak is the third Prime Minister of the legislature: the first was Boris Johnson, the second was Liz Truss, who was a disaster, and Sunak was third. And I'll give you another piece of news: the British Prime Minister, like the Swedish Prime Minister, has the power to dissolve Parliament because those two countries are monarchies, they do not have a President of the Republic. What does Italy have to do with those two countries » he concluded amidst the applause of the opposition senators.

Russia applies the first “kangaroo”

The President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa applied for the first time, already to the second amendment to the bill on the premiership, the so-called kangaroo rule. It allows a series of similar amendments, which differ only very slightly, to be rejected with a single vote. Specifically, the opposition had presented a series of amendments regarding the power of the head of state to appoint senators for life. The first amendment set the number of senators for life who could be appointed by the President of the Republic at 10, and subsequent amendments increased this number to one. It was a “mini-kangaroo” because the single vote made it possible to avoid the vote on only nine other amendments.

Boccia (Pd): “Kangaroo without rules, we ask for group leaders”

«We ask for a Conference of Group Leaders to be convened tomorrow morning before the start of the Chamber's work. We would like to have the rules of the game clear before entering the Chamber. We have 144 amendments to Article 1. With the mechanism that was communicated to us not before the opinions but after the opinions, and therefore during the votes, they can jump from the calculations we are doing from 42 to 69 amendments and if that were the case, with this mechanism communicated hastily between one dispute and another, a third of the amount of amendments to Article 1 was missed. If these are the rules of the game we ask for clarity because we claim to know the rules of the game before entering the Chamber. If this were not the case it would be a free-for-all that would do no good to anyone.” Senator Francesco Boccia, president of the Pd group, said this in the Chamber of Palazzo Madama.