Province of Vibo, towards the renewal of the Council. Pre-match in view of the administrative elections


By John

There are elections for the renewal of the Provincial Council, against the backdrop of all the tensions that currently characterize relations between political parties, from right to left. And there are teams that could change the physiognomy, if not even overturn the structure of the assembly located in the Bitonto district. Meanwhile, the certainties, not many to be honest. In the centre-right, Forza Italia is working to build a team, to be defined at the moment, whether the Azzurri will go alone or whether they will build the list with the contribution of Fratelli d’Italia, Giorgia Meloni’s party, fresh from the provincial congress, in which he was elected secretary Pasquale La Gamba.
On the left, the Democratic Party will certainly be involved. At the moment it remains to be seen whether the democrats will run alone, or whether they will be able to aggregate the Five Star Movement and other progressive forces. By the way, in recent days, M5S, Progressives and Social Humanism are thinking about their respective electoral weight to understand which is the most suitable path to follow. Calm chaos in the Center, where many things are still to be defined.