Reggio excellences: “The pruna di frati” and the “piparelle” are new slow food products


By John

Two food products considered to identify the area Reggio have entered the prestigious list of Slow Food Presidia, these are “Piparelle” Of Villa San Giovanni and of “The Friars’ Pruna” Of Newfoundland Sappo Minulius.

Particularly relevant – according to a note from Palazzo Alvaro – was the role of the metropolitan body which, thanks to the work carried out by the former metropolitan councilor delegated to Agriculture, Giuseppe Giordano, managed to support this request, acting as an institutional promoter also on behalf of the producers. Attention to the excellence of the territory, also in terms of tourism and economic promotion, are part of the programmatic lines of the metropolitan mayor Giuseppe Falcomatàand along this line the organization is carrying out fruitful promotion and marketing work.

‘I pruna di frati’ is nothing more than a particular plum originating from the pre-Aspromonte area of ​​the Gioia Tauro plain, the name derives from the Celestine Benedictine monks who selected this fruit in the convent of Terranova Sappo Minulio, around the 16th century. According to Slow Food, there are six producers who join the presidium, engaged in the cultivation of approximately 7 hectares of land, which also include the municipalities of Molochio and Varapodio.

As regards the ‘Piparelle’ of Villa San Giovanni, an activity was carried out to recognize the historical and economic value of a confectionery product that needed protection from numerous imitations. This is a traditional product created thanks to the use of products such as: almonds, sugar, honey, wheat flour and spices such as cinnamon and cloves and orange essential oil. All typical ingredients of the Reggio area.

Among the objectives of the Metropolitan City, therefore, is that of giving support to excellent production realities in the district, working in close synergy with the Slow food convivia of the territories concerned, promoting identity markers and relaunching the most appreciated and sought-after products in the national and international context .