Quarrel between street vendors at the patronal festival of Cirò Marina, 18 year old arrested for attempted murder


By John

An 18-year-old young man, with no criminal record, was arrested for attempted aggravated murder by officers of the local police of Cirò Marina and released at the end of the validation hearing. The episode occurred yesterday afternoon during the feast of San Cataldo, patron saint of Cirò Marina, when a fire broke out quarrel between street traders who were competing for a space at the fair.

A patrol of the local police, which was carrying out a control service in the most crowded areas, noticed several people arguing in the central Via Roma. The officers decided to intervene, but within a few minutes the situation began to heat up so much that it was necessary to request the intervention of other officers to support the patrol. Thanks to the device put in place by the local police director for these festive days, ten officers arrived on site within a few minutes. Despite their presence, the traders continued to argue, tug at each other and throw various objects at each other.

During these excited moments, an eighteen-year-old with no criminal record, belonging to one of the families involved in the dispute, with a medium-sized screwdriver he attempted to hit one of the contestants. The prompt reaction of the local police operators averted the worst: the attacker, blocked while attempting to launch a first blow, was immediately disarmed and taken to the offices of the local police command on charges of attempted aggravated murder. The young man, defended by the lawyer Mariano Salerno, was released at the end of the validation hearing.