Reggina, debut in D against San Luca. Minniti’s emotion: “We are only passing through in this category”


By John

It’s debut day. There In the afternoon, Reggina will take the field on the neutral stage of Locri to face their “cousins” of San Luca. After a summer full of vicissitudes, the long-awaited moment has arrived. The new president will also be in the stands Virgilio Minniti, originally from Melito Porto Salvo, who doesn’t hide his emotion: «Finally we’re leaving and I can’t wait for the meeting to start. We hope to start on the right foot, even if we are aware of the pitfalls that the challenge hides.”

In what state of mind will he show up at camp?

«I will experience wonderful sensations being tied to my land. I would add that I am honored to represent a prestigious club like ours. I never expected to become president, but fate wanted to reward me. Reggina is an integral part of my life and I’m sorry for what happened in the summer months.”

Do you feel ready for today’s appointment?

«Yes, even if there were only four training sessions. Unfortunately our physical condition is still approximate, the coach also said so. We will therefore try to get into shape by playing. We have no alternatives because the calendar requires us to fasten our seat belts. San Luca will try to put us in difficulty, but we will do everything we can to give the first joy of the season to the fans who will follow us in large numbers. We will give our best, fighting until the ninetieth.”

Regardless of the result, what do you expect from your players?

«I would like to see them compact and I am convinced that they will be. Mister Trocini will also know how to motivate them. He is a technical gentleman who works seriously without interruption. We are happy with the choice made.”

State your goal.

«Serie D is not a category in keeping with the city’s reputation, so the intent is to abandon it as soon as possible. We have built a good staff, but if necessary we will intervene to improve it further. However, we don’t like proclamations and in December, when the market reopens, we will take stock of the situation. For now we live day by day thinking about San Luca. The boys know how to behave, so much so that in recent days I have seen them particularly motivated.”

Why is there a bit of mistrust towards you?

«We understand the state of mind of the people and it is normal that some criticize our project. The people of Reggio are hurt by the problems that arose during the summer. I am referring to the failure to register for the Serie B championship which, as far as I am concerned, I experienced as a blow. However, we will try to get back up again by remaining humble.”

Here is the season ticket campaign.

«On Sunday against Siracusa we hope that our supporters will give us a hand by coming to the stadium in large numbers».

Is Trapani the team to beat?

«The category is particular and even in D there are no races with an obvious outcome. Trapani are strong, they have a deep squad, but I don’t like to make too many predictions. We will have clearer ideas at the end of the first round.”

Your memories linked to Reggina?

«The Serie A years. As a kid I went to the “Granillo”. I remember the Mazzarri period when we survived despite the eleven point penalty. That was a great feat. At the time I was going on bends. The stadium was a spectacle with twenty thousand amaranth flags waving. Memorable times. I also often went away. I hope those times can return.”