Reggina, forbidden to slow down the positive march in the derby against San Luca. Probable lineups


By John

With some important absences, but still with greater possibility of choice compared to the races prepared with the men counted. Bruno Trocini’s Reggina goes into the match against San Luca with the awareness that the market has provided important alternativesawaiting other incoming news which could materialize in the week starting tomorrow.
The availability of several unders in multiple roles now guarantees greater margins of maneuver on strategic choices. It is no coincidence that Martinez will be in goal. The Spaniard returns after a four-match suspension. In the last matches, even before the forced stop, he had played Velcea, born in 2004. There is no longer an absolute need to have an under between the posts, although the young Romanian goalkeeper did very well. However, the team will find one of its leaders in the role of extreme defender both on a technical and character level.

Probable lineups

Compared to usual, there is not even certainty about what the defensive choices will be. The Martiner class of 2005 is back available. In most cases we saw a team that featured him as the right back and Cham, another 2005 player, as the left back. Trocini, however, now does not need to deploy the two defensive wingers underneath. Parodi is moving towards confirmation and in fact it will be a two-man race on the left, right between Martiner (who often occupied the left-handed outfield) and Cham. Ingegneri, who wasn’t at his best for the match against Acireale, could regain a starting shirt alongside Girasole in defense. Otherwise it will be up to Kremenovic who has shown great reliability so far.
In midfield, however, the choices are forced. There are three midfielders available, namely Zucco (2004), Salandria and Mungo, plus the young Simonetta. The former Cosenza and Viterbese player, although he may not be in top condition, has recovered and will be in the match. The same goes for Porcino. It cannot be ruled out that the two, not both being at their best, could be alternated in the midfield position or that, with the arrival of Reggio, the team could not change its tactical attitude to the point of adopting a 4-2-3 -1.
Porcino would play as a winger high on the left, with an under (Lika or Perri?) acting as a central attacking midfielder. These are actually quite natural dynamics in the evolution of a team’s game, but which always have great fascination for those who are passionate about tactical numbers.
The fact that Martinez plays in goal is almost a confirmation of the fact that there will be two under in the offensive trident. Provazza (2003) and Perri (2005) did very well in the last match against Acireale and it is likely that they will be the ones to support Bolzicco’s action. Lika (2004), who had an excellent impact during the match in the last match of the championship, could still be the resource to be used during the match together with Marras.
The referee of the match against San Luca will be Francesco Gai from Carbonia. Assistants Diego Massa from Carbonia and Nicola Mascia from Cagliari. Kick-off will be at 2.30pm.