Reggio, in Santa Caterina a stele commemorates the victims of the bombings of 6 May 1943


By John

The municipal administration of Reggio Calabria took part in the inauguration ceremony of the monument dedicated to the victims of the bombings of 6 May 1943 in the Santa Caterina district.

Mayor Giuseppe Falcomatà, together with deputy mayor Paolo Brunetti, councilors Carmelo Romeo, Anna Briante, Francesco Costantino and Paolo Malara, and city councilors Franco Barreca, Giovanni Latella and Giuseppe Cuzzocrea, paid homage to the fallen and invited the Reggio community to unity around the values ​​of memory, identity, peace, solidarity and sharing.

The work, created by the artist Paolo Raffa with the contribution of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria, was strongly supported by the Noi per Santa Caterina association, chaired by Giuseppe Serranò.

The civil, military and ecclesiastical authorities and the relatives of the victims of the terrible bombing also took part in the initiative.