Rende, Unical against high rents: accommodation for all eligible people


By John

The University of Calabria is at the forefront in combating the housing emergency and high rents thanks to theassignment of 2,130 beds. In particular, the university announces, 1,140 accommodations were assigned to eligible non-beneficiary students, 852 units were assigned to the winning students and a further 138 places were reserved for particular categories (concessionary rate, disabled people and international agreements). An overall increase of one hundred units compared to last year which, it is written in a note, confirms Unical at the top for accommodation in the national university panorama. All the assignment procedures, among other things, were concluded well in advance compared to past practices: last October 31st the assignments of the beds reserved for students receiving scholarships were completed, while on November 27th the process for accommodation for eligible students who did not win scholarships has been completed.

«To achieve such an important result – it is written in the note – the University has worked hard on several fronts. In particular, it participated in and won a ministerial tender which allowed the acquisition of a new residential neighbourhood, the renovation works of some owned apartments were also completed and, finally, the availability of rooms in local hotel facilities was acquired. The University, which has completely digitalised the assignment procedure, making it quicker, has also improved the services to support the residences thanks to the increase in the number of staff present in the reception areas”.

«Our University – explains the rector Nicola Leone – has always been very attentive to students’ needs, starting with housing needs. Residential accommodation extended to a large number of students, in contrast to the national emergency of off-site accommodation, has always characterized the University of Calabria which, with the quality of teaching and research, combines the added value of life in our beautiful campus. The number of accommodations at Unical is equal to 16% of current members compared to 4% of the national average, but we aim to reach 20% thanks to the completion of a new residential district which will increase our accommodation capacity by 500 places. The expansion of the beds and the speeding up of the assignment procedures – concludes Leone – is the result of a targeted policy of the University which has placed the right to study among the strategic objectives of the University as well as of the efforts made to improve the service daily by the employees of the Residential Centre”.