Retirement Viaduct, Uil Messina: “With 17 workers on site the end by June is yet another fake news”


By John

“As we wanted to demonstrate, once again, our repeated and detailed public complaints regarding the concrete prospects of the Ritiro viaduct construction site and the timetable for the completion of the work have proven to be totally founded and impeccable. We had, in fact, highlighted it in great detail and attracted the childish insults of the Cas and Toto construction That the month of February 2024 trumpeted as the closing date of the work was to be considered gross fake news.

The facts have largely proven us right and, unfortunately, today, we must state that even the announcement relating to the prediction of yet another new closing date for the work scheduled for June 2024 is, given the current situation of the construction site, absolutely unattainable. In fact, to date, There are only 17 workers involved in the construction site and if, very soon, the workforce does not significantly increase, it will be impossible to complete the work on the Ritiro viaduct by next June.

Therefore, despite the chatter and also in order to avoid yet another disastrous summer for the citizens of Messina, it is essential that the CAS does not look the other way and puts the necessary pressure on Toto Construction to obtain clarity and concrete answers. Everything else is just empty announcements disconnected from reality: the completion of the Ritiro viaduct by June 2024 involves an extraordinary commitment characterized by the presence of a significant number of workers which, certainly, cannot be the current one which, in fact, consists of 17 workers hired on the viaduct construction site” declared Ivan Tripodi, general secretary of Uil Messina, and Pasquale De Vardo, general secretary of Feneal Uil Tirrenica.