San Giovanni in Fiore, work in progress on the 107. Construction sites also open at night


By John

After a few seasons of austerity, the Statale 107 which connects the Tyrrhenian sea of ​​Paola with the Ionian sea of ​​Crotone with its 138 kilometers, is truly more and more a European and well-guarded artery. Guarded and watched over.
Merit of the Anas Cosenza and of the Compartment of the capital Catanzaro which really, 50 years after its entry into operation, is increasingly perfect in terms of road surface, signage and kept as a “work of art”. THEn these days in Sila there are at least 4 construction sites open, always with the aim of improving conditions and making it safer.
Works that must necessarily be completed in the summer, given that in the heart of the plateau in winter it is prohibitive to operate. Of course there will be inconveniences and queues, but the work must still be done: therefore it is better to “study” when to travel.