There is still no trace of Paolo Catanesi, a 79-year-old pensioner who disappeared from Barcelona. The searches continue


By John

Wide-ranging searches by the carabinieri, police and firefighters for the disappearance of a 79-year-old pensioner, with the application of the public safety protocol envisaged for missing persons, Paul Cataniatraces of which have been lost. The man has not returned home since Friday evening. In the late afternoon of yesterday, the planned plan for the search for the missing was triggered. To activate it the carabinieri of the Company of Barcelona. On the Facebook page of the Municipality of Barcelona, ​​the municipal administration has published a short appeal text which warns citizens to extend and intensify searches. In front of the Barcelona City Hall, not far from the house where the man who lost track of him lives, the Fire Brigade have set up a mobile point of connection and coordination of searches.
From the data released by the police forces in the field for searches, we learn that the elderly person whose photo was disseminated has not returned home since Friday evening and his family members have been actively looking for him since the first hours of his departure from home. The photo of him, in fact, immediately appeared on several Facebook pages. The name of the missing person is, in fact, Paolo Catanesi and he is 79 years old. His somatic characteristics have also been disclosed: tall, thin, with white hair. He has moved away from his house located in the Massalini district and has not yet returned. The video surveillance system of a shop in Pozzo di Gotto captured him as he walked along the sidewalk of the same neighborhood in the opposite direction to the one that leads to his house. The man whose traces I know are lost at the time of his departure wore an electric blue hat and a gray short-sleeved shirt. In case of reports, call the public emergency number 112 or the Carabinieri of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto on 0909709700, or go to the mobile office of the Fire Brigade located in front of the Town Hall.

The searches continue

Helicopter searches were activated today: the aircraft is concentrating on the valley of the Idria stream and the surrounding countryside. The mobile station of the firefighters, on the other hand, is positioned in front of the Town Hall from where the searches are coordinated: in addition to the carabinieri and firefighters, volunteers from the local civil protection group also participate, also equipped with dog units.