Sexual encounters with students in exchange for gifts, the teacher of the “Jaci” Institute in Messina remains in prison


By John

The judges of the Court of Liberty have left Professor Giulio Chiofalo in prisonthe 35-year-old teacher of the “AM Jaci” institute arrested on December 18th by the police for having had sexual encounters with some underage students.
The request for release was made by his lawyer after the interrogation before the investigating judge Tiziana Leanza. According to the judges, the conditions for Professor Chiofalo’s release from prison do not exist.
The Prosecutor’s investigation was triggered after the complaint from the mother of a 17-year-old student, who had noticed some anomalies in the boy’s behavior and above all his sudden economic availability.
Investigations conducted by the Carabinieri revealed that the teacher, since January last year, had committed sexual acts with the young man in exchange for money and gifts including two scooters, two mobile phones and a PlayStation.